Past conferences

The first International Teacher Scientist Partnership Conference was held February 2013 in Boston, MA.
Close to 400 people attended the conference, consisting of K-12 educators, university faculty, partnership program staff and administrators, early career scientists, and STEM industry professionals. Over 50 different sessions highlighted a wide variety of program models, from Research Experiences for Teachers and Students, in-classroom partnerships to informal science education settings.

We thank everyone who made this first International Teacher-Scientist Partnership Conference such an inspirational event.

"I honestly took away so much from this conference - both in terms of resources, ideas, and connections made with fellow ITSP folks. I cannot emphasize enough the value of this conference; it is one of the best and most useful I have ever attended."
- 2013 ITSP conference attendee


The 2013 Conference program and presentation slides and hand-outs can be found below:

Wednesday, February 13

7:30-8:45 am                                     Registration

Level 3

Boylston Street Hallway

Room 304/306                                    Continental Breakfast


8:45-9:00am                                    Welcome

Room 304/306                 

  • Katherine Nielsen, Science & Health Education Partnership, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
  • Betty Calinger, Education and Human Resources, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  •  Kathleen Bergin, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation (NSF)


9:00am-10:15am                   Opening Plenary

Room 304/306                                    The Role of Partnerships in Science Education

  • M. Suzanne Donovan, Executive Director, Strategic Education Research Partnership Institute  [Download Slides]
  • Shirley Malcom, Head, AAAS Education and Human Resources  [Download Slides]
  • Heidi Schweingruber, Deputy Director, Board on Science Education, National Research Council  [Download Slides] 

10:15-10:30am                                     Break


10:30am-Noon                                     Small Group Presentations


Room 201                                     Preparing Scientists to Support Science Teaching and Learning  [Download Slides]

Jennifer Kaelin, Jean MacCormack, Lakisha Witzel, Brittany Anderton, and Charlie Morgan, Science & Health Education Partnership, UCSF

 Room 203                                    Strategies for Successful Teacher-Scientist Partnerships  [Download Slides]

  • Teresa Barnett, Sandra Lee-Takei and Ralitza Zikatanova, Community Resources for Science 
  •  Jessica Garrett, Carolyn Zeiner, Leilani Roser, and Peg LeGendre, Cambridge Science Festival/MIT Edgerton Outreach Center
  • Becca Hatheway, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Jesse Oswald, Fossil Ridge High School
  • Margaret Meserve and Susan Hillman, University of New England

 Room 204                                     Citizen Science in Partnerships                 

  • Heather Deese, Ruth Kermish-Allen, and Rachel Thompson, Island Institute  [Download Slides]
  • Patrick Miller, International Astronomical Search Collaboration; C.R. Pennypacker, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  [Download Slides]
  •  Ashley Young, Daniel Capps, Thanh Le, and Jonathan Shemwell, University of Maine; Sarah Kirn, Gulf of Maine Research Institute  [Download Slides]

Room 206                                     Building Industry-Education Partnerships to Improve STEM Education    [Download Slides]

  •  Comfort Akwaji-Anderson and Meghan Reynolds, Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership and the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council
  • Jennifer Bruckner and Shari Liss, Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education  
  • Susan Parry and Lisa Hibler, Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science, North Carolina State University

Room 210                                    Curriculum Development through Teacher-Scientist Collaborations


Noon-1:00pm                                     Buffet Lunch

Room 304/306


1:00-1:50pm                                     Small Group Presentations


Room 201                                    CityLab: A Model Outreach Program Based on Educator-Scientist Partnerships  [Download Slides]

Carla Romney, Carl Franzblau, and Donald DeRosa, Boston University School of Medicine

Room 203                                    Two Decades of Educator-Scientist Partnerships: Lessons Learned

Nancy Moreno and Barbara Tharp, Center for Educational Outreach, Baylor College of Medicine 

Room 204                                    Collaboration: A Powerful Tool for Engaging Girls in STEM [Download Slides] [Download Handout]

Karen Peterson, National Girls Collaborative Project 

Room 206                                    Measuring Students' Science Attitudes [Download Slides]

Susan Hillman and Stephan Zeeman, University of New England ; Charlotte Regan, Buxton Community Elementary

Room 210                                    Tried and True: Lessons Learned Roundtable on Teacher Research Experiences  [Download Slides]

  • Janet Warburton, Artic Research Consortium of the United States
  • Jennifer Hammond, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program
  • Louise Huffman, ANDRILL
  • Jennifer Collins and Sharon Cooper, Consortium for Ocean Leadership

2:00-2:50pm                                    Small Group Presentations


Room 201                                     Starting a Teacher-Scientist Partnership Program in a Resource-Limited Scenario  [Download Slides]

Mwananyanda Lewanika, Zambia STEM Education Centre

Room 203                                    Taking the Plunge: STEM in the Afterschool Setting  [Download Slides]

Meghan Groome and Kris Breton, New York Academy of Sciences

Room 204                                    Braincandy: Utilizing Technology and Peer Learning to Improve Science Learning  [Download Slides]

Bryan Henderson, Stanford University; Ben Canning, Sequoia High School 

Room 206                                    Models for Medical School – High School Partnerships

  • Karina Meiri and Berri Jacque, Tufts University School of Medicine; Aimee Gauthier and Kathleen Bateman, Boston Latin School
  • Karen Quick and Tara Parker, Pitt County Schools; Brian McMillen, Brody School of Medicine; Jessica Mega, Harvard University School of Medicine and Brigham & Women's Hospital

Room 210                                    Getting Started with Partnerships  [Download Handout]

  • Margery Anderson, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; David Neagley, Northwestern High School
  • Houda Darwiche and Mary Jo Koroly, University of Florida Center for Pre-collegiate Education and Training

Rooms 304/306                                    National Science Foundation Funding

  •  Kathleen Bergin, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • Richard Boone, Division of Graduate Education
  • Dennis Schatz, Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings 


3:00-3:50pm                                     Small Group Presentations


Room 201                                    NanoLab - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology from Research to Classroom Practice  [Download Slides]

Annamaria Lisotti, University of Modena, Italy

Room 203                                    An Intervention Model for Including Scientists in Teacher Professional Development  [Download Slides]

Kevin Czajkowski, Janet Struble, and Mark Templin, University of Toledo

Room 204                                    Empowering Teachers as Scientists and Graduate Students as Instructors  [Download Slides]

Joanna Totino, Ardice Hartry, and Betsy Mitchell, University of California, Berkeley

Room 206                  A Survey of STEM Educational Initiatives in Massachusetts: A State, Regional and Local Collaboration  [Download Slides] [Download Brochure]

  •  Marjorie Dennis, University of Massachusetts Lowell  
  • Keith Connors, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
  • Scott Morrison, Manchester Essex Regional School District 

Room 210                  A Look Back at the Impact of a Sustained Scientist-in-the-Classroom Program  [Download Slides]

Jennifer Ufnar, Southern Vermont College; Virginia Shepherd, Vanderbilt University 

Rooms 304/306                                    Sustaining Teacher Research Programs 

  • Claire Duggan, Northeastern University   [Download Slides]
  • Bonnie Harris, Georgia Intern-Fellowships for Teachers, Georgia Institute of Technology   [Download Slides]


4:00-4:50pm                                    Small Group Presentations


Room 201                                    Retirees and Senior Scientists in Partnerships  [Download Slides]

Panel Moderator: Daniel Sullivan, RE-SEED, Northeastern University 

  • Jon Kettenring, RISE, Drew University
  • Christos Zahopoulos, RE-SEED, Northeastern University
  • Don Rea, Senior Scientists & Engineers, AAAS

Room 203                                    Creating Meaningful Collaborations Across Geographic Divides

  • Megan Candelaria and Jan Truchot, University of Wyoming  [Download Slides]
  • David Lally, Virginia Tech; Donna Volkmann, Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools  [Download Slides]

Room 204                                    UCSF iGEM Program: Team-based Science Education from the Classroom to the Laboratory  [Download Slides]

Veronica Zepeda, UCSF; David Pincus, Whitehead Institute–MIT; Saber Khan, Little Red School House & Elizabeth Irwin High School

Room 206                                    Project-Based Learning and Partnerships

Room 210                                    Fundraising 101

  • Nancy Moreno, Center for Educational Outreach, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Ann Chester, West Virginia University


5:00-5:30pm                                    Plenary Presentation

Rm 304/306                                    Creating University K-12 Partnerships

Sonia Ortega, Division of Graduate Education, National Science Foundation                                                     

5:30-7:00pm                                     Reception

Rm 304/306


Thursday, February 14


7:30-8:30am                                     Buffet Breakfast

Room 304/306


8:30-10:00am                                     Plenary Session

Room 304/306                  A Tour of Partnerships

Moderator: Sonia Ortega, Division of Graduate Education, National Science Foundation

10:00-10:15am                                     Break


10:15-11:45am                                    Small Group Sessions

Room 201                                    Scientist-Teacher Partnerships and Teacher Professional Development

  • Judith Morrison, Washington State University  [Download Slides]
  • Lakisha Witzel, Jennifer Kaelin, and Jean MacCormack, Science & Health Education Partnership, UCSF  [Download Slides]

Room 203                                    Student Research in Collaboration with Scientists

  • Shannon Colton and Gina Vogt, Center for BioMolecular Modeling, Milwaukee School of Engineering  [Download Slides]
  • Claire Hemingway and Catrina Adams, Botanical Society of America  [Download Slides]
  • George Wolfe, Loudoun County (VA) Schools Academy of Science  [Download Slides]

Room 204                                    Partnerships and University Outreach Efforts

  • Jane Horwitz, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kemi Jona, Northwestern University
  • Kevin Niemi, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Vicki May, Washington University in St. Louis

Room 206                  Bringing the Research Experience to the Classroom

  • Kaye Storm, Stanford University; Kevin Doyle, Aragon High School; Gary Benz, American High School  [Download Slides]
  • Kevin Tambara, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program, NSF  [Download Slides]
  • Ellen Yezierski, Miami University; Deborah Herrington, Grand Valley State University 

Room 210                                    Why Partnerships? Learn about Different Partnership Models and Their Benefits

  • Teresa Barnett, Sandra Lee Takei, and Corinn Brown, Community Resources for Science  [Download Slides]
  • Jennifer Collins and Sharon Katz-Cooper, Consortium for Ocean Leadership-Deep Earth Academy  [Download Slides]
  • Larry Bowman Jr., Tabitha McCoy, and Clayton Walvoort, East Tennessee State University  [Download Slides]
    Sharon Pickering, Marci Pearson, Nancy McDonald, and Reneé Wood, North Side Elementary School


11:45am-12:45pm                   Buffet Lunch

Room 304/306


12:45-2pm                                    Small Group Sessions


Room 201                                    Examining a Model for Enhancing K-12 Teachers’ Understanding of Scientific Research  [Download Slides]

Annmarie Ward, Matt Johnson, and Leah Bug, Center for Science and the Schools, Pennsylvania State University

Room 203                                    Scientific Society Partnership Models  [Download Slides]

  •  Jacob Clark Blickenstaff, American Physical Society; Erica Wilson, Boston Green Academy; Karen Wong, Boston Public Schools; Andrew Duffy and Mark Greenman, Boston University
  • Katherine Lontok, American Society of Human Genetics

 Room 204                                    Preparing STEM Professionals to Volunteer in Classrooms

Paul Conroy and Dan Sullivan, Northeastern University  

Room 206                                    Teacher-Scientist Partnerships in Astronomy  [Download Slides]

Moderator: Stephen Pompea, National Optical Astronomy Observatory

  • Timothy Spuck, Oil City High School and Center for Authentic STEM Education
  • John Blackwell, Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Sue Ann Heatherly, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • Ardis Herrold, Grosse Pointe North High School
  • Luisa Rebull, Spitzer Science Center

 Room 210                                    Evaluating Research Experiences for Teachers

  • Jennifer Adams, Eleanor Miele, and Wayne Powell, Brooklyn College-City University of New York  [Download Slides]
  • Angela Larson, Goldstream Group; Janet Warburton and Sarah Crowley, ARCUS   [Download Slides]


2:10-2:40pm                                     Small Group Sessions


Room 201                                    Online Communication Between Mentors and Students: Analysis of a Model  [Download Slides]

Stephen Scogin, Gokhan Ozturk, and Carol Stuessy, Texas A&M University 

Room 203                  Fostering College Research Partnerships at an Inner-City STEM school: Challenges and Triumphs   [Download Slides]

Joseph Isaac, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program, National Science Foundation

Room 204                                    Using Online Training to Prepare Teachers for Research Experiences  [Download Slides]

Elizabeth McMahon, Jennifer Annetta, and Jennifer Hammond, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program

Room 206                                    STEM Integration for District Leaders  [Download Slides]

  • Mia Dubosarsky and Martha Cyr, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Laureen Cipolla, Leominster Public Schools
  • Colleen Mucha and Madeline Wheeler, Quaboag Regional School District

Room 210                  Sustainable Partnerships with Industry, Research Organizations, Educators and Students: an Australian Model  [Download Slides]

Kay Lembo, University of Southern Queensland


2:50-4:05pm                                    Small Group Sessions


Room 201                                    Engineering Partnership Programs

  • Mandy Bratton, University of California, San Diego  [Download Slides]
  • B.L. Ramakrishna, Arizona State University 

Room 203                                    K-12 Environmental Science Lessons Developed Through Partnerships
[Download Slides] [Download Handout 1] [Download Handout 2]

  •  Jennifer Braswell Alford, Stephanie Dappenbrook, Christopher Hylton, Reynaldo Diaz, and Andrew Jennings, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Kate Earp, Montlieu Academy of Technology; James Lynch, Welborn Academy of Science and Technology; Ken Gracz, T.W. Andrews High School
  • Patrick Edwards and Catherine de Rivera, Portland State University

Room 204                                    West Virginia High School Students Doing Research Through Teacher-Scientist Partnerships  [Download Slides]

Ann Chester, James McGraw, and Jessica Turner, West Virginia University; Robert Branch, University of Pittsburgh; Summer Kuhn, Health Sciences & Technology AcademY; Sherry Woolridge, River View High School

Room 206                                    Enhancing Science Teaching Through Research Partnerships

  • Bart Hadder, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust; Steve Triezenberg, Van Andel Institute  [Download Slides]
  • Jim Stanton, Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc.; Katie Cameron, Bellingham High School; Jeffrey Killian, Biotechnology Consultant

Room 210                                    Sustaining GK-12 programs

  • Michelle Paulsen, Northwestern University  [Download Slides]
  • Virginia Shepherd, Vanderbilt University; Jennifer Ufnar, Southern Vermont College; Jeannie Tuschl and Vicki Metzgar, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools  [Download Slides]

4:15-5:00pm                                     Closing Plenary

Room 304/306                                    How Teacher-Scientist Partnerships Fit into the Bigger Picture  [Download Slides]

Bruce Alberts

Editor-in-Chief, Science magazine
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UCSF
Former US Science Envoy